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Sew Kind of Wonderful originated in the state of Washington, but has recently been re-located to Idaho. We still like to think of them as Washingtonians though :). Sew Kind of Wonderful is nationally known for their ultra modern quilt patterns that are often designed around their Quick Curve Ruler. The ruler makes cutting curves super simple and they have over 30+ patterns to choose from. The company is own and operated by sisters, Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson. You can find more information about Sew Kind of Wonderful at their website, Sew Kind of Wonderful

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Abacus Revival


Cool Cars


Deco Contrails


Deco Park Walk


Deco Tic Tac


Deco Tumbler


Deco Zig Zag


Happy Together


Metro Hoops


Mini Medallion


Mini Penelope Pattern


Mini Scope


Mini Twist


Mod Owls


Mod Pineapples


Posh Blossom Pattern


Posh Bunny Pattern


Posh Penelope


Posh Petals


Posh Snowball


Quick Curve Ruler


Quick Curve Ruler Mini


Urban Abacus


Wonder Curve Ruler